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April 2021 The Vital Role of Moisture in Wound Healing
March 2021 Good Nutrition is Key to Wound Healing: 10 Ways to Stimulate Appetite in Seniors
November 2020 Diabetes and Obesity: Twin Challenges for Wound Healing
November 2020 Understanding Pressure Injuries: Prevention, Symptoms, and Treatment
September 2020 It’s PAD Awareness Month: So What is PAD Anyway?
July 2020 The Importance of Interdisciplinary Teamwork in Wound Rounds and Assessment
July 2020 Preventing Rehospitalization: The Key to Reducing Patient Risk
June 2020 Navigating F-686 Wound Regulations at Skilled Nursing Facilities
June 2020 Nursing Cheat Sheet: Selecting the Right Support Surfaces for Wound Care Patients
June 2020 Nursing Homes Have a Long History of Infection Control Problems, Says Government Report
June 2020 The Four Stages of Wound Healing: An Updated Overview for Clinicians
May 2020 New Study Sheds Light on Possible Link Between Herpes and Alzheimer’s Disease in Seniors
May 2020 Study Shows Stress May Increase the Risk of Peripheral Artery Disease
May 2020 Wound Care for Expectant Mothers: Harmless Pregnancy Rash or Life-Threatening Atypical Wound?
May 2020 COVID-19 Prevention Efforts May Lead to Secondary Wound Injury in Seniors
May 2020 How to Change a Wound Dressing

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