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April 2021 The Vital Role of Moisture in Wound Healing
March 2021 Good Nutrition is Key to Wound Healing: 10 Ways to Stimulate Appetite in Seniors
November 2020 Diabetes and Obesity: Twin Challenges for Wound Healing
November 2020 Understanding Pressure Injuries: Prevention, Symptoms, and Treatment
September 2020 It’s PAD Awareness Month: So What is PAD Anyway?
July 2020 The Importance of Interdisciplinary Teamwork in Wound Rounds and Assessment
July 2020 Preventing Rehospitalization: The Key to Reducing Patient Risk
June 2020 Navigating F-686 Wound Regulations at Skilled Nursing Facilities
June 2020 Nursing Cheat Sheet: Selecting the Right Support Surfaces for Wound Care Patients
June 2020 The Four Stages of Wound Healing: An Updated Overview for Clinicians
May 2020 Wound Care for Expectant Mothers: Harmless Pregnancy Rash or Life-Threatening Atypical Wound?
May 2020 How to Change a Wound Dressing

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