Celebrate National Assisted Living Week with $50 Off Your Wound Care Certification

Celebrate National Assisted Living Week with
$50 Off Your Wound Care Certification

Why National Assisted Living Week?

Each September, we commemorate assisted living facilities and honor their staff and communities. From September 13th-19th, Vohra is recognizing health workers like you who have dedicated their careers to providing life-saving care to the underserved geriatric population while also seeking continued professional growth.

To celebrate National Assisted Living Week, take $50 off your Wound Care Certification
and improve your expertise, workplace recognition and
patient outcomes by becoming a Vohra Wound Certified Nurse (VWCN™).

Better Patient Outcomes

Vohra Wound Certified Nurses (VWCN™) have the expertise to determine the optimal course of treatment for patients in any clinical setting. Assisted living residents under the care of health workers with Vohra training typically experience a decrease in wound healing time, infection rates, and wound-related hospitalizations.
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Improved Workplace Respect

Wound care is in high demand, so nurses with specialized knowledge are highly valued. Vohra Wound Certified Nurses (VWCN™) report improved workplace responsibility and recognition from colleagues and patients. Assisted living residents and their families are also appreciative of the improved quality of wound care.
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Better Job Opportunities & Increased Earning Potential

The Vohra Wound Certified Nurse (VWCN™) distinction is a valued credential that employers will recognize and respect. Wounds are a pressing and prevalent problem, particularly in assisted living facilities, and becoming a VWCN™ with clinical expertise in wound care makes you an asset in any healthcare setting.

Flexible Schedule & Greater Work-Life Balance

Vohra Wound Certified Nurses at assisted living facilities typically enjoy flexible, predictable schedules and can often choose between part-time or full-time work. Weekend or evening hours are not typically required, so you can maintain a healthy personal life while enjoying a rewarding career.

Continuing Nursing Education Credits

A Vohra Certification is a great way to complete your annual continuing education requirements. You will earn up to 28 CNEs by completing Vohra’s Wound Care Education and Certification program.
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Remote Learning that Fits Your Schedule

Vohra’s certification course is 100% remote and self-paced, making it the leading education and certification program for the working healthcare professional.

In honor of National Assisted Living Week, celebrate yourself by becoming a Vohra Wound Certified Nurse! Enroll today.

To celebrate your dedication to providing life-saving care to assisted living residents, Vohra is offering $50 off our certifications in honor of National Assisted Living Week. Level up your career as a certified wound care expert!


Facility-Based Nurses: Get $50 Off Your Wound Care Certification

Home-Health Nurses: Get $50 Off Your Wound Care Certification

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