Vohra Wound Care

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Vohra Wound Care Certification

Wound Care Certification – RN, LPNs, LVNs / Facility based

You must complete all 11 individual modules to take the Final Exam. The other 3 modules are optional.

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Vohra Wound Care Certification

Wound Care Certification – Home Health based RNs

You must complete all 10 individual modules to take the Final Exam. The other 5 modules are optional.

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Vohra Wound Care Certification

International Wound Care Certification

You must complete all 10 individual modules to take the Final Exam.

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Hear what our graduates are saying

Thank you for the opportunity to become woundcare certified

The program was so appropriate for my skilled nursing background and makes me more confident to handle wounds in the absence of the wound care nurse. I will be recommending coworkers and peers to your program.

Betram Okorocha ADON
Cypress Creek Rehab in TX

The program was very informative

I feel more confident doing my job, thank you very much for the education and CEUs.

Dionne Tomlinson, LVN, Wound Care Nurse
Park Manor of Quail Valley in TX

I liked how the materials presented fit the course and the ease to access

The test was challenging and the course materials are great in preparation for the track of becoming a wound nurse

Derrick Niba, LVN, Charge Nurse
Rockwall Nursing Care Center in TX

My experience with Vohra’s Wound Care Program was like none other

The program was very concise, educative and informative. I will surely recommend this program to other nurses.

Agabus Dahn, LVN
Saylor Lane Healthcare Center from CA

This was an amazing opportunity

not only for myself, but my core nursing staff at Texan Nursing and Rehab. We were able to complete the program at our own pace, and this benefited our hectic schedules. Thank you for an amazing opportunity from our team!

Bianca Gonzalez, BSN, RN, IP Director of Nursing
Texan Nursing and Rehab in TX

Vohra’s wound care program was very informative and valuable to me

I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in becoming wound care certified. The course has improved my knowledge tremendously regarding wounds and the proper interventions necessary to promote good healing.

Nicholas Filipinni

The class is flexible

The study guide were very useful, and I learned about new dressings that were more economical and very effective. Nurses should take the course because it’s interesting and very helpful, the instruction is clear, and the administrators are very helpful.

Ha Guyen

It was a great educational experience

All of the modules that Vohra provides and the exams were not out of reach for me. The program was very user-friendly: it was easy to go from module to module without getting lost. And the knowledge that you gain . . . with medical directors designing this, I don’t know that you can do any better than that.

I highly recommend the course to anyone looking to increase their wound care knowledge!

Amanda Melynyk
The Suites – Parker

I was so thankful

I was so happy that you had something that was just right for me! The course was very convenient, and I could do it on my own.  It covered a wide area of wound care and a whole lot more areas than I anticipated.

The lectures were enjoyable — I was interested, and I couldn’t wait to do the next module! I would recommend this course to anyone!

Marilyn Smith
Maternal Treasures Parent Care Center

Highest standards of care

Having a full-time Vohra Wound Certified Nurse on staff, along with the knowledge brought by weekly visits from our Vohra physician, has allowed the Eastgate Nursing & Rehabilitation Center team to continuously provide the highest standards of care.

Stephanie Lessard, RN
Eastgate Nursing & Rehab

Very helpful

The Vohra Wound Certification program was an interesting course and it was very helpful. I use the things that I learned in the course and I apply them when I’m out on the floor.

Dawanna White
Margate Health & Rehab

I wanted to get wound certified

When the director of nursing asked me to be the wound care nurse here, I wanted to get wound certified. I chose to complete the online course from Vohra. I got a lot out of the program. The education provided helped me clarify certain wound types. It helped me learn how to clearly identify venous and arterial wounds and diabetic wounds. After doing the reading and looking at the examples, I understood it better. The program made it simple to learn.

Marie Appalon