I would like more information regarding the International Vohra Wound Care Certification.

Vohra Wound Physicians developed this practical and specialized educational program as a result of the hard work of hundreds of physicians and decades of practice in wound care. The program is offered exclusively online to any registered nurse (RN, LPN, APRN, FNP, etc).

There are no clinical hours required, our education content including our quizzes, study guides, and final examination are to be accessed and completed online.

The Vohra Wound Care Course is internationally recognized, it is self-paced, and it is the most widely used and least expensive path to wound care certification worldwide. Many nurses have signed up for our course simply because they to want to advance their careers and leverage their knowledge and skills when it comes to wound care management in order to better serve their patients.

The International Vohra Wound Care Certification is priced $108 and includes the Wound Care Certificate, 9 Core Modules for Certificate , 1 Optional Module, Downloadable Study Guides for each module, individual Quiz for each module, and the Final Exam.

You will find the registration page and additional course description following this link here.